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see dazzling and colorful Jordan Future each color, look at the black shoes Jordan Future; " Blackout", also has another taste. the low-key, but without losing the texture, preparation of vamp and AJ11 outsole for comfort is also very suitable for casual occasions dress.Atmos has a pivotal position in the shoe ring, so long as they share shoes with the brand, they will be sought after. This time, Jordan Brand uses the textures most commonly used by Atmos, transforming Air Jordan 3! According to foreign media reports, this pair of Air Jordan 3 "Atmos" will be officially released on March 26th, belongs to Air Jordan x Max Pack. The price is as high as $400. there is no doubt that the annual Quai 54 theme SNEAKER become numerous game player heart dream stuff. When this year's Quai 54 arrived, we first welcomed Air Jordan 1, Retro High OG, Quai 54". Orange blue Mandarin design paired with black uppers, very consistent with Quai 54, as always low-key luxury. It is reported that this section will be officially released on July, interested friends do not miss.the shoe with royal blue vamp, in the outside of the bottom of the pink and green building, with details item: 543390-439 release date: March 15thPrice: the famous French fashion brand GIVENCHY releases the new Leopard Leather Podium Shoes. GIVENCHY designer Riccardo Tisci love of the leopard is almost unimaginable, following the previously published Leopard series of shoes sales after the Leopard and Leather with the potential of raging hit, in Matt leather material on the Leopard Print is a complex process, and should be m cheap air jordans online ore attached to the surface of the leather trim on the light the gorgeous "leopard", GIVENCHY's superb craft level is really amazing, bright decoration exquisite lines around the dough until the upper heel part of the shoe body, the other also exudes a kind of hard to hide the wild but elegant beauty, is the Leopard series of the best works. Lightning three generation: its wind is like wind sina sports field, such as the battlefield, in the face of rapid changes in the situation, to win the game, not only need strength, courage, luck, but also need war thinking and fighting spirit to arm themselves. To help the athletes in each round of attack and defense with the best way to beat the opponent from PEAK, known as the "martial canon of" great ancient Chinese military works -- "the art of war?" in the struggle for inspiration, launched the "wind forest volcano" special feature series boots. "As fast as the wind, the Xu Rulin invaders fire, do not move a mountain" fighting spirit into the shoes design, trick game to win the ultimate interpretation. lightning three generation: its illness like wind as fast as the wind: quick, like great wind disease. In rapid Blitzkrieg, a sudden, decisive, and quick action is required to make a surprise attack. A symbol of ultrafast flow lines and wind speed, since the birth of it with the ultimate speed for the pursuit of the perfect lightning three generation, three generation to create lightning - "wind" special edition boots, let it speed energy, suddenly broke out. lightning three generation, make breakthrough to change with the switching spee cheap jordans d like go by like the wind and clean. lightning three generation science and technology notes 1. is equipped with PEAK visualization core technology - CUSHION-3 "three level slow vibration", to provide the wearer with an excellent slow shock experience 2., the overall use of the whole body hot melt process, to ensure that light and make the vamp shape more tough; 3. FOOTHOLD support arch tablets provide excellent support in the end, connecting the front and back, to prevent excessive torsion arch during exercise, avoid sports injury; The 4. one-piece boot makes the wearer feel more comfortable and provides a stable support; The 5. upper print increases the reflective coating effect, providing certain security guarantees for night basketball enthusiasts and highlighting individuality. Parke two generation: its , Parke, two generations Xu Rulin: the slow road, the ranks of Qi Su as the trees of the woodland orderly. Toni? Parke's Spurs low-key unity, neat team like trees, good to brake, with strong consciousness of team combat Changli union summit. Therefore, a symbol of the Spurs team spirit in order tree pattern, is added to the Parke two - "forest" special edition boots, though low-key and restrained, but the implied power of the powerful combat team. Parke two, the Xu Rulin team fighting together in the face of the enemy. , Parke, the two generation science and technology notes 1. is equipped with PEAK exclusive technology - GRADIENT dual, "gradient dual energy technology", to create a super shock and accelerated experience 2. hot-melt process to parametric conce jordan 3 katrina 2018 pt of window form, so that the vamp more lightweight breathable;Classic backtracking Nike Sportwear Vandal Supreme 2013-12-08 22:02:12 and Dunk Hi keep abreast of the strong Vandal Hi classic regression, with the first year of 1984 color matching prototype for the completion of the engraved, full nylon uppers and do the old bottom, more retro style and classic style. Highsnobiety x adidas Consortium joint offer information 2016-03-30 11:08:53 day before Adidas Consortium and Berlin Highsnobiety fashion website launched joint cooperation, Ultra Boost and Campus 80S to choose based on. The designers use elegant gray as the keynote, with the white big bottom presentation, so that the overall exudes a strong trend of breath. And the pure tone design can be said to be the most popular element of the season, it is reported that the shoes will be officially released in April 9th, the price of 180 and 120 U.S. dollars. Jordan Brand will be officially released this week in the Air Jordan 7 Marvin The Martian, and now the network has once again released a set of pictures, interested friends may wish to feel something. This design inspiration from the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, the leather and nubuck leather and black, pink, red, and the green, gray and other colors details. item: 304775-029 release date: August 15thPrice: air-jordan-7-marvin-the-martian-2.jpg (175.62 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 7 Marvin The Martian Mito enjoy 2015-8-10 09:25 upload air-jordan-7-marvin-the-martian-3.jpg (141.93 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 7 Marvin The Martian Mi jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black to enjoy 2015-8-10 09:25 upload air-jordan-7-marvin-the-martian-4.jpg (196.37 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 7 Marvin The Martian Mito enjoy 2015-8-10 09:25 upload air-jordan-7-marvin-the-martian-5.jpg (190.24 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 7 Marvin The Martian Mito enjoy 2015-8-10 09:25 upload air-jordan-7-marvin-the-martian-6.jpg (170.24 KB, download number: 2) download Air Jordan 7 Marvin The Martian Mito enjoy 20150Not long ago, Jordan Brand officially released a new generation of Jordan CP3.VIII Chris Paul's signature shoe. The shoes provided on combat performance, speed and response, in addition, the shoes also has a minimalist appearance. The day before the network out of a new color of the Jordan CP3.VIII, the Riverwalk color inspiration from the 1996 all star game in Sanantonio. Shoes with blue black tongue and collocation shoe body inside, in the bottom of the blue gradient design show. Jordan CP3.VIII color premiere until November 1st officially on sale, so this color should also need to wait for a period of time will appear on store shelves. 20140923010527_51617.jpg (292.34 KB, download number: 2) download Jordan CP3.VIII Riverwalk 2014-9-23 09:18 upload 20140923010543_78341.jpg (160.64 KB, download number: 2) download Jordan CP3.VIII Riverwalk 2014-9-23 09:18 upload 20140923010547_77043.jpg (151.01 KB, download number: 2) download Jordan CP3.VIII Riverwalk 2014-9-23 09:18 upload 20140923010552_44807.jpg (129.02 KB, download number: 2) download Jordan CP3.VIII Riverwalk 2014-9-23 09:18 upload 20140923010558_16780.jpg (88.48 KB, download number: 2) download Jordan CP3.VIII Riverwalk 2014-9-23 09:19 Jordan CP3 VIII Riverwalk upload, 00Adidas sports players released Lillard's first signature shoe D Lillard 1 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2015-01-21 10:01:45 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: kidulty] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network on January 21 hearing, late last year, just as Kyrie Irving Nike launched the first personal signature boots, just a month later, the same as the representative of the new generation of outstanding point guard Damian Lillard joined to the large adidas among the families. adidas yesterday as Lillard's first signature shoe D Lillard 1 held a formal press conference, and therefore also become after Lillard Ross, Howard and Walter fourth personal adidas signature shoes have active players. D Lillard 1 in the appearance of design is particularly low-key, and this is introverted character coincides with Lillard, mostly related color black and red team colors Portland dominated by Lillard abbreviation of individuals Logo domineering appeared in the heel, L and D surrounded the O-also happen Lillard jersey number. Which does not use the latest adidas Boost technology in the science and technology, so the price of $ 105 also appeared to be quite close to the people. It is reported that, adidas D Lillard 1 from February 6 onwards. (Media Partner: baby Ah shoes & nbsp; Di cat dream shoes) Related newsDiscussion Nolan recently directed the war theme movie "Dunkirk action" released soon detonated fans, regardless of the good-looking or not in film or story line has complex, "war and military" and become word of mouth topic, this had to mention never retreat popular military wind collocation! said the military would not open around the wind, "" camouflage the iconic elements to fashion T station, next to the factory to move bricks, on who can see the existence of camouflage, since it is so important that we have today to simply talk about. The origin of camouflage must say that people can never shine all brand new camouflage in the runway or. First, in order to protect their military camouflage is in combat, avoid disguised way discovered by the enemy and design. Until early nineteenth Century, with the nature of combat camouflage colors such as: green, khaki and grey has been widely used in many countries in Europe and the United States, until the first World War, France will officially join the military "camouflage" has become a new military word dictionary. in fact, there are many kinds of different types of camouflage, camouflage used according to different combat situations, but on the other side of the fashion circle, each big brand will also camouflage this element play out many tricks, now we'll see! Camo suggests that play a subtle role in military uniforms in the jungle, is one of the most often wear military clothing, appearance rate is quite high, of course, the military is outside the common pattern in the trend circle is the major brand chasing elements, is the basic models of camouflage in the family. desert is in the desert environment and the design of camouflage, with yellow and light brown color. Desert camouflage elements are also the major trend of the brand favorite, then Air Jordan and 5 Suprme joint models with desert camouflage color. snow camouflage in black, white, grey, snow camouflage military atmosphere is weak, but also very all-match, collocation is more suitable for everyday style, ASSC, WTAPS and BAPE have launched the snow camouflage single product. Navy camouflage Of course is equipped with the Navy clothing! In fact, in the blue snow camouflage are very similar, are bright and light colors, compared to the seemingly heavy jungle camouflage, more fresh. tiger camouflage tiger camouflage in recent years can be said to be one of the hot elements, BAPE, WTAPS, NEIGHBORHOOD, MADNESS and other brands of 17 year catalog, coincidentally launched a tiger camouflage elements of a single product, especially BAPE is the best. has been the trend of military air circle play factors not bad, on the one hand is that it has a very rich heritage, as you know, M 65〉 M 51 Air Jordan in the 5 sale of the summer together, we also ushered in the "Deadly Pink GS Air Jordan 5". Black / White / pink color collocation electro-optic suede uppers, the same blue crystal bottom is also absent. Air Jordan 5 GS color: Black/Deadly Pink-White number: 440892-029 release date: August 5, 2017 release date: $140 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get] movement trend, scan code Sneaker, take you into the forefront of fashion, more free shoes waiting for you to experience the true and false identification service!