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the coming winter, the eastern migratory birds are moving west collectively. "in the east west shoes shift process, the most powerful force is not the government but an invisible hand -- cost." Zhang Shuhua, chairman of the China Leather Association, believes that the footwear industry is a "migratory bird economy" and is always shifting to countries and regions where labor costs are low. In the 60s of last century, the world footwear center was transferred to Japan and South Korea in 70s, and in 80s it was transferred to Taiwan, China. In 90s, it was transferred to Guangdong, Dongguan and Zhejiang, Wenzhou, in. Today, China's footwear industry forward transfer center in the Midwest, the advantage of low cost in the West as a great depression, attracting the eastern capital inflow gurgle. in AOKANG drive, the rapid development of western shoe shoe-making enterprises, enterprises in the coastal region have also shifted to the west. Recently, the reporter was informed that the original in Dongguan for the Brazil footwear giant pyramid company supporting the processing of more than 20 factories, unbearable cost pressure, quietly moved to Western Bishan shoe collective, to prepare for the two venture, a big fight. the reasons for "the west" East shoes in addition to the cost factor, provide more convenient conditions for the development of the western market. At present, the foreign trade is blocked, many shoe enterprises have to domestic sales, Dongguan footwear industry's three giants Yu Yuan, Stella, Hua Jian, are currently aspiring to create their own brand inroads into the mainland market. In this domestic sales campaign, the western market has undoubtedly become a competitive place for the shoe enterprises. AOKANG group Chongqing honghuoniao shoes as an example, each year more than 700 pairs of shoes from Bishan to the vast western market, on the one hand, save the logistics cost of production, in addition to the air jordan 11 space jam for sale design of R & D and marketing personnel familiar with western consumer market is very helpful. "east west shoes" in the process, the strength of the government can not be ignored. If the energy and labor shortages are spreading the "tinder" to the eastern coastal shoe-making enterprises, the policy orientation of the government is the catalyst to promote the flight of the footwear industry". "we will gradually eliminate low value-added and labor-intensive SMEs from Wenzhou and introduce high-quality talent and high-tech enterprises." Time: 2008-09-30 09:07 source: Chinese Economic Net Author: China Economic Net hits: Vietnam footwear association said the day before, 9 months before the country's footwear exports amounted to $3 billion 650 million, completed 80% of the annual plan. But the association said Vietnam's footwear exports also face many challenges, such as higher labor costs resulting from high inflation and an increase in raw material costs. In addition, the important export market, the EU preferential policies on Vietnamese footwear products have also been adjusted. said the Vietnamese footwear association; the day before, 9 months before the country's footwear exports amounted to $3 billion 650 million, completed 80% of the annual plan. With the launch of , the innovation of air cushion technology, VaporMax believes that in the future, he will be used to other shoes like Boost. This time, the network has exposed a mysterious equipped VaporMax new shoes, shoes overall color to gray, has made a Hyperfuse like the body of the shoe uppers, design a basketball shoe sole, but was equipped with VaporMax innovative expectations, although it looks slightly bloated, but still a bit cool. The. What kind of combination do you expect VaporMax to have in the future? 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Jordan only made a request: to create a transparent part of the game shoes. Michael Jordan explains that he always allows opponents to see what they want them to see, to control the game and the opponents. in the world although AIR JORDAN 2009 has a new naming style, new designers, new design concepts...... Consumers don't pay for it. AIR JORDAN 2009 market reaction can be said to be very bad, but does not affect the AIR JORDAN 2009 release new version. This is the AIR JORDAN 2009 Hall of fame edition, which is dedicated to the celebration of Jordan's attendance at the hall of fame. The shoe body is filled with every kind of digital, has its specia Retro jordans for sale l significance of each number, record countless classic moments in the Jordan occupation career created, there is no about the shoes are listed on the news, more attention to the new shoes related information information related to follow-up report.Vans Era 59 CA Denim this season added Suede series for its California series. The three colors are black, army green and beige, with denim and suede stitching shoes, plus leather shoes cage to increase texture. In addition, the vamp through white car line and the metal buckle shoes to add a little sense of design. Three new works are now on sale at Vans designated retailers. vans-california-era-59-ca-denim-suede-1.jpg (55.5 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Vans California Era 59 CA Denim Suede Collection 2014-10-10 upload at 11:30 vans-california-era-59-ca-denim-suede-3.jpg (62.03 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Vans California Era 59 CA Denim Suede Collection 2014-10-10 upload at 11:30 vans-california-era-59-ca-denim-suede-0.jpg (55.77 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Vans California Era 59 CA Denim Suede Collection 2014-10-10 upload 00 at 11:30 adidas Consortium from the marathon performance design from Boston Super and Marathon TR extraordinary two running shoes in inspiration, and launched Boost Mid and Energy composed of Ultra Boost Run Thru Time. Two new Primeknit Boost top configuration collocation are crafted, supplemented by 3M decorative details, interested friends please pay more attention. adidas-consortium-run-thru-time-pack-where-to-buy-01.jpg (332.62 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas Consortiu〉138872498156053.jpg (85.59 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-1-3 upload at 13:25 shortly before starting NikeSportswear in a variety of classic models are modeled to create a more functional and thermal effects of the SneakerBoot series. In the series of Air Max a pair of Nike 90 SneakerBoo jordans for sale t also got quite a good response in the days before and after the sale, the official also added a new follow up a victory with hot pursuit, black and red color for the popularity of new products, it is reported that this color in the recent sale. 20140103125633_72982.jpg (78.09 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-1-3 upload at 13:25 20140103125633_41615.jpg (76.79 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-1-3 upload at 13:25 20140103125633_66554.jpg (78.79 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-1-3 upload at 13:25 20140103125633_13711.jpg (64.2 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-1-3 13:25 upload Nike 00 2014 is leaving us in the summer, and Nike Sportswear is bringing us this new Solor Summer series at the end of the series. The series contains a total of Solarsoft Moccasin and Solarsoft Zig Zag two shoes, design, color prints covered on the upper end, equipped with Solarsoft sole unit comfortable conspicuous, creating a strong atmosphere of summer beach. nike-2014-solar-summer-pack-1.jpg (81.07 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Solor Summer 2014-8-14 upload at 10:49[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics YORK, July 13 afternoon, Nike's NBA superstar Kevin - Durant's basketball trip to open in Shanghai, nearly ten high school students from Shanghai's first close-feel NBA superstar style, in addition to have the opportunity to give KD's words and deeds, more direct dialogue NBA's youngest scoring. In the camp, Durant NBA star show is different from the general low-key style and simple, not too many cheers and greetings, KD came to the training ground to pick up basketball on their own initiative, in that the needs of small Professor The player's technical movements, Adu began meticulous presentation, a dribble shot, dribble twice shot, the ball after the pull-up jumper and threes and so on, more commendable is that most of the technical action in addition to the demo Ends left for the other side will be fit again KD demonstration, training is not so much to teach small players, like China in order to grasp his own line clearance valuable training time. The last part of the camp is a small player Durant answered the question, thunder when it comes to treatment of different core team mentality admitted that he prefers to play strong teams, whether the Heat or Lakers, who head-on competition, it is already began to look forward; in training on how to attack the problem, KD said he was often in the offseason training, and constantly explore new means of attack of their own, and cast out selective during the season. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)renowned footwear designer Mark McNairy always playing exceptional design and seek innovative elements in the traditional shoes, in addition to boldly beyond the conventional color outside, in terms of the fabric selected Mark McNairy also has his unique vision, he again recently LA to join the popular Select Shop UNION, launched a full flavor of the traditional classic Saddle Shoe, adhering to the saddle and carving and other traditional details, but the body has chosen to respect the shoe Dress Shoe styles never before seen as the dominant material corduroy, bold Traditional Dress Shoe selection lets can bring a lot of fresh feel, with navy blue and launched two earth-brown color, which the navy blue color and more use of the full attention of the young green lake round shoelaces, really from the fabric to the color Mark McNairy remain exceptional style has always been, is now being sold to log UNION shelves, pricing 438USD, friends who are interested can log on the official website to buy UNION start. Source: UNION & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4 black flames red and white color sample 2013-12-08 22:14:34 This year 2K4 officially engraved back, a lot of color is also logged on store shelves, and the summer Olympic Games in London with the conduct of the Olympic color of 2K4 will also be available worldwide. now appear on eBay a sample version of a never commercially available black red and white color of the flames, shoes with black color and nubuck leather mix and match, the details and midsole coupled with red flames, entire section footwear Mensao low-key sense of lacking.Supra Skytop Shoes series contains a lot of new sequence of sports activities shoes, new sports shoes in common is extended scope, for men and women there both use a diversity of ensign. Each set of two Supra shoes has their fans, including those famouse celebrities. Supra Shoes have both equally performance and appearance involving classic design. This is the attitude of most persons choose these shoes. They can be elegant, sports, leisure, splendid, or fashion. They also have a number of colors and patterns geared to the tastes of that wearer. Supra Vaider undoubtedly are a new fashion brand which in turn always give people an exceptional creative power feel to begin with sight. It is crucial to choose a fit shoes. Because it isn't noly good for any medical issues, but it can also look your selfdom. The Supra Skytop is usually realy very nicely that it provide you with a different feel this kind of season. Supra Shoes that is certainly also called as Supra Slippers, always give people the latest, simple but fashion, mordern think. These shoes looks very cool and when you walk in the street if you wear it. Cheap Supra Shoes started being a small skate shoe in 2007,and it use its unique design to make a great success. Supra Shoes may be the most trendy style shoes. This unique top skate shoe also comes with a vulcanized outsole for grip and journey skateboard. Each look gave us a detailed look, which was critical to most people. A lot of shoes are really shopping nice, possibly one on the best versions of the Supra Shoes that we have ever seen. This article is from Supra Skytops are successful series of supras with regards to the manufacture of footwear as well as the certificate keys said sneaker. One advance of Supra shoes is a style will easy to match your clothing. Supra Skytop will always be attention getter and revealed above Street red Household leather. Nike, SB, Dunk, High, "De, La, Soul" colors are going to be on sale! The De La Soul color is also a name of the cause, senior Hip-Hop friends do not feel deja vu, it turned out to be a famous 80s Rap three band name. The band mostly hip - hop, funk, soul, jazz and other styles based. Back to the shoe itself, the color is also quite a taste of Hip-Hop, shoes printed with three albums cover printing, the overall color is bright, the background is still dominated by white. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! tribute? Plagiarism? A series of "borrow" events triggered by Goyard and VANS In the morning at Edison fashion bloggers through (with the latest progress of Susiebubble + "apology" translation) Street trend culture: the classification and celebrity introduction of graffiti art By the end of , the /1626 tide community was finally on the inside! 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